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Job Description

Job Title: Diesel Mechanic/Technician

Reports To: Director of Maintenance/Maintenance Manager

Job Function:

Requires some supervision and/or direction but can generally perform tasks unsupervised. Must be able to test for proper operations of multiple vehicle systems including all mechanical and electrical operations of the vehicle. Must be able to perform component removal, installation, disassembly, and reconditioning, following Technical Manual procedures. Must be able to properly and safely operate all functions of vehicles.


Must have a valid driver’s license and ability to obtain a CDL. CDL is not required but preferred. Must be able to pass internal driving training. ASE, OEM Manufacturer or equivalent certifications a plus. High School Diploma or GED required. Ability to work multiple shifts. Ability to communicate fluently in the English language to accurately document work on work orders. Must have basic tool requirements.


· Developed skills in disassembly, assembly, and repair of components and vehicle systems.

· Perform basic testing on all vehicle systems.

· Develop diagnostic skills on all vehicle systems.

· Perform all service tasks as assigned by the Director of Maintenance/Maintenance Manager.

· Report any additional work required on vehicles to the Director of Maintenance/Maintenance Manager, for proper and safe operation of the vehicle.

· Participate in Maintenance Training programs required for the development of skills and knowledge.

· Prepare and complete all reports, forms and work orders required in conjunction with job assignments.

· Maintain a clean work area and perform work in a neat and orderly manner.

· Maintain and care for department tools, equipment, and vehicles.

· Follow all safety rules and regulations in performing work assignments.

· Conduct self in the presence of customers, both external and internal, so as to present a professional image of the company.

· Perform all other service tasks as directed by the Director of Maintenance/Maintenance Manager.

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