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Safety Manager - Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. Chester, NY- Full time
Are you looking for a career as a Safety Manager for a Bus Company within the Tri State Area? Then Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. is the company for you!!


Job Summary:
The Safety Manager is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that the health and safety of our employees is top priority. The Safety manager’s duty is to anticipate, identify and correct issues involving safety and to work with all levels of employees to implement procedures that will prevent accidents and injuries. The Safety Manager reports directly to the General Manager with support available from the Regional Safety Director.

Essential Functions:

· Protect the health and safety of employees and decrease the potential risk of disease, illness, injury and exposures to harmful substances

· Lead the team of BTW and classroom trainers to maintain a pool of skilled trainers and drivers

· Provide leadership and coaching to reduce preventable accidents and inspire drivers

· Reduce workers’ compensation injuries claims and costs

· Improve efficiency and efficacy of training programs and curriculum

· Minimize the potential for penalties assessed by various enforcement agencies by maintaining compliance with Federal and state regulations

· Establish all corporate safety programs and policies are implemented and followed

· Implement training and inspection requirement for other enforcing agencies and/or certifying entities aligned with the Safety program

· Conduct Accident Investigations

· Administer accident claims, maintain and submit monthly loss control summaries and maintain accident files

· Conduct annual 19A reviews

· Conduct company safety meetings and facility inspections

· Ensure OSHA compliance

· Conduct Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures and insure SWPPP compliance

Required Qualifications:

· Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) “B” with a “P” endorsement plus any other endorsement needed to accomplish training of drivers.

· Must be a certified 19A instructor

· Excellent communication and presentation skills

· Knowledge of Safety rules and Federal and State regulations for facilities and drivers

· Ability to read, analyze and interpret common scientific, technical journals and legal documents that pertain to the management of chemicals, hazardous waste and agency regulations

· Ability to add, subtract multiple and divide

· Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists

· Must be able to lift or move up to 75 lbs.

Desired Qualifications:

· Certified Safety Training (NATMI) Begin Application Now